Who Is Carl Blewett??

Good Question and I’m glad you’re asking.
Most people call me ‘Blewey’ or Carl. You decide!
I’m in my thirties and proud to be a digital entrepreneur. This basically means I run a business on the internet using automated systems.
I am also an affiliate marketer which means I recommend tools and services I think others would find value in, I then get paid a commission.
I’ve made it my mission to help as many people realise how possible it is to live a life of financial and time freedom.
I do this by pointing them in the direction of the exact mentors who showed me how to get to where I am today. Through growth, development and leveraging the digital economy you can transform your life today.
We live in a digital age and it’s great to see more and more people take advantage of that fact!

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My Story

How do you define your life? It’s very hard to pinpoint the moments that have the biggest impact.

We don’t notice the good choices until after we have chosen them and are immersed in the results. I am extremely proud to be an affiliate marketer and digital business owner.

It’s been about a year now and I would say I am walking or you could say basking in my best choice at the moment.

Writing this, knowing that I could be helping you make the decision to create time and financial freedom is a great feeling.

Up until 5 years ago I had lived a wild life.  I was in turmoil to say the least, mentally and spiritually.

It gets to the point where something has to change and you have to take a leap of faith. I’m not religious but I believe there are things we can’t explain.

I’d put myself and loved ones through the wringer growing up as a teenager and into my early twenties, getting into a remarkable amount of trouble.

But to me it never defined who I was.It boiled down to making poor choices, not realising what the consequences would be.

I knew I was a good person and that my heart was in the right place and to me that was all that mattered.



It’s easy to look back now and see where I was going wrong but the only way I clawed out of the mental prison I had carved myself was to constantly visualise a better version of who I could be.

I held onto that belief that I could achieve watever I wanted as long as I was creating value in the world and helping others.

We all make serious mistakes in our lives or take wrong turns and it’s hard to be proud of that but I’ve always maintained a very simple but core belief that’s helped me alot:

‘Anyone of us can do anything we want, as long as we’re not hurting anyone. We all have our own stories to tell.

If we work smart and are persistent over time, there’s nothing we can’t do. I mean nothing. You have to have the belief and of course take action, and that is it!

I find the moment you take a positive step, the correct path presents itself.

I have always thought like that deep down but I started really acting on it about 5 years ago and pushing myself.

These days I am now happily engaged after being in a relationship for 4 years (my first ever relationship).

I was working in a steady sales job for a few years but the last few months there, I felt shackled, I had to do something! I was watching mindset videos online Tony Robbins to be precise) and had the fortune to walk smack into the same video series I offer on this website.

It freed me up to be able to create a digital business that literally leverages the internet to work for me. The contrast from a year ago is unbelievable. Experts say that humans are happiest when setting short term goals and constantly achieving them.

Through the video series and then the training modules you’ll very quickly see why. You will be forced to achieve the short goals through step by step training and be presented the path.

All you have to do is take the first step.


All the best, I hope to speak to you soon and hear your story.


Many thanks,


Carl. (Founder of breakingthegrind.com)